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Nivutie is dedicated to bridging the gap between artists and their audiences, providing a platform that supports artists' growth, creativity, and success

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Timely Bookings

Through our platform, you are assured of getting bookings on time and being sent reminders.

Excellent Quality

We promise an easy and quality user experience on our platform to manage your brand.

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With our competitive pricing, you will get your money's worth when you register with us.


What can we do for you?

Nivutie facilitates bookings for artists, helping them secure gigs, performances, and collaborations.

Nivutie offers a shoutout service, allowing artists to send paid short video messages to their fans.

Nivutie assists in event planning, from organizing showcases to promoting art exhibitions, helping artists and clients create memorable experiences.

Nivutie manages relationships with clients, ensuring smooth communication, booking processes, and satisfaction with artists' performances.

 Nivutie handles financial aspects such as artist fees, payments, and invoicing, ensuring fair compensation and transparency

Nivutie helps artists maintain a strong online presence through their profiles, social media promotions, and digital marketing efforts.

Nivutie provides networking opportunities for artists to connect with industry professionals, collaborators, and potential clients.

Nivutie fosters a sense of community among artists, clients, and fans, creating a supportive and engaging environment.

 Nivutie offers resources, workshops, and support to artists, helping them develop their skills, navigate the industry, and grow their careers.

Nivutie continually innovates and adapts to industry trends, ensuring artists and clients have access to the latest tools and opportunities.